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Using the lovely ZELDA sewing pattern we know you probably own. As a club member we have created even more value, and that is our new GET THE LOOK program! We feature a look we find or you have requested and we create a hack using one of our existing sewing patterns. (Knowing you may already have it!) Thanks for being a part of our wonderful little community of amazing people. You are amazing and keep sewing your own style!

Welcome to our first GET THE LOOK feature. These hacks will be available here on the Gazette so make sure you subscribe to the GAZETTE for upcoming hacks. The Gazette also has features on workshops, SYCHIL projects, and well, anything club newsworthy. We value your memberships and want to offer so much as part of our beautiful community of unique and creative individuals like you.

Below you will find the file to create your new outfit from ZELDA.

JUST CLICK AND PRINT, tape if necessary. Instructions included.

Please note: You will need the ZELDA TG-A3124 sewing pattern to complete this project.

Download PDF • 843KB

TG Studios • Tina Givens • SewTinaGivens • SYCHIL • GET THE LOOK! • © All rights reserved.

Credit: Image of new dress above was found online from a Chinese manufacturer we can not locate. These images are used and credited where ever possible. If you are aware of an image and we have not credited it properly, please contact us at

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