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We are delighted to bring you a new WinterWorks Workshop Pattern. This little vest is unique in construction and with added front bib is delightful. We had fun making this in the Workshop Episode 2. A layering piece for sure. Added sweetness. I inspire you to make this for spring too in linen and embellish as you please. We will be making these in linen for sure. I hope you enjoy making the Ice Vest yours! DOWNLOAD IT HERE }} or find it in Club Free Patterns on

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Dina Ann Galvano
Dina Ann Galvano
22 de fev. de 2022

I’m hav trouble deciding which membership I should have,, I can’t handle downloaded patterns definitely need paper ,, I love the zoom sewing ‘workshop’ idea,, feels more human,, i have one Psychil magazine , love it ,, downloaded but haven’t printed ( don’t have a printer) the workbook ,, here it is in a nutshell,,, I’m poor as can be ! I’m on ssi( 780$ a month! ) can someone help me figure out wat I can do to start sewing wth tina n tina givens patterns ( since my son passed away I haven’t been doing wat I was born to do- SEW)

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