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Hi!...Um…well, let’s see…I love to sew and have for years…until I got tired of making “normal” clothes. Boring. (You know what I mean). As a result, I actually stopped sewing for almost a year; I lived in a state of sewing inertia, a kind of sewing paralysis. Then one day, I discovered Tina’s patterns, my eyes snapped open and said to myself “Whoa, man, NOW we’re talking!!” So, I quickly tried one of her freebie patterns (the Plinka pant)…so darn cute and different that…I…had…to…have…MORE PATTERNS!! (My husband didn’t even complain when I bought more patterns – thought he was just glad to see me get excited about sewing again! But, it was more than that – he thought the clothes looked more unique, preferring them on me. Yep, he’s digging ‘em!!) And, layering – what the heck is THAAAT all about? So glad those Sychil Magazines are studies in layering designed to get creative juices going…and, boy, do they! I used to fall asleep thinking about scenic areas, wine, food, etc. NOW, I fall asleep thinking about how to layer what I’ve made in countless, countless ways…and, guess what……...I enjoy sewing again!