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This is how it works...
Simply put, this is about You: your choices, creativity, living a joyful life, and community. 



  • It is so personal. Choosing your color palettes, fabulous fabric, and garments. 


I am personally inspired by the process of creating a garment. It is an art, where fibers are intertwined in a rhythmic dance creating a sheet of fabric. Using tools we cut and stitch thoughtfully to form a finished piece.


 Finding our authentic selves by being true is what makes us remarkable.


You are just that, just by being yourself.


Express through dress. Connecting our hearts with our creative spirit will open your imagination and design a self-curated wardrobe of beautiful pieces. Each design, material, technique, and inspiration is founded on generosity, community, and genuine love. Creating mindfulness, community, and happiness is at the core of what we offer. 



1. Download the Free Planner

2. Review the planner and begin the exercise of organizing your thoughts on what and how you'd like to dress.

3. Review available sewing patterns to utilize in the looks you are after.

4. Gather materials.

5. Schedule your projects one by one. The planner will assist through all of this.



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Build a capsule collection one at a time. We do this by bringing our authentic self to the table, allowing us to think creatively and openly.  This process is a guided pathway to build a collection of garments fitting into a focused area of our life. 

We want to inspire your creative thought process and take you on a journey to design and make your own collection. 

Simply put, you will harness your ideas, redefine your closet, and develop a concept and plan for building your unique wardrobe. 

Free Resources include:

 •. Free PLANNER

 • FREE download sewing patterns. These are easy projects to whet your sewing appetite and start building a wardrobe with basics. If you are learning to sew or getting acquainted with Tina's sewing philosophy and mantra, this is the place to start.

For access just sign in or create a FREE account above.

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To order a beautiful printed copy of the Free Planner, click here


  • GOLD

    • 25% off all patterns

    • Access to SYCHIL MAGAZINE and all associated patterns(downloads)

    • JOIN OUR Private Facebook Group where we chat with Tina, and see the community sharing their makes.

    • WORKSHOP ACCESS & patterns

    • If you love printed patterns get Gold


    • All of the above +​

    • FREE access to our full library of download sewing patterns on sewtinagivens

    • If you prefer download patterns choose Platinum

Bring it on....

As a paid subscriber or member you have access to our SEWTG WORKSHOP GROUP on Facebook! This is where you will find like-minded creative people like yourself. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in your sewing skills, this community will build their collections alongside you. Ask for help, find ideas and inspiration, make friends, discuss sewing patterns, or just chat! We support each other through this platform and welcome your advice and thoughts and we all want to see your beautiful garments.

We are all unique and have different styles, shapes, ages, and skills, so we encourage respect, kindness, and positivity through this magical process.

As a paid subscriber you receive access to the workshops and receive 25% off all sewing patterns on + Platinum gets all downloads for just $1. And there are FREE CLUB PATTERNS too!

See the member sign-in on the top right of the header page...


Note: This is a different log-in to your account on Create a new account on this site.

To keep it all together, use the same email and password for each site.

If you purchase a membership or subscribe here you will immediately see your discount on the patterns & SYCHIL. Gold Members have full digital access to SYCHIL on

If you purchased a membership on you will be recognized here as a paid member.

How our workshop series works:

As a club member, you have access to the workbooks, self-instruction journals, worksheets, & Videos!

  • We wish to give you as much value for your dollar with us!

  • We want to inspire your creativity and how you build your wardrobe.

Make sure to take advantage of the FREE PLANNER too. It's an asset in scheduling and organizing your sewing projects in building capsules.

Note: A printed version can be purchased. 

Of all workbooks can be purchased. We only make the download options available!

See the FREE PLANNER PAGE above.

#1 Join Us

#2 Download the FREE PLANNER

#3 DESIGN & create your wardrobe plans

#4 Get 25% off all sewing patterns

  + Gold & Platinum members have free SYCHIL + sewing patterns

#5 Create Your Sewing Schedule

#6 Curate your fabrics & materials

#7 Sew

#8 Share & assist fellow members on the CLUB FORUM or Facebook/Instagram #sewtinagivens #sychil



Ask Anything? We are here...


4338 Delemere Blvd #B

Royal Oak MI 48073

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