A Beginner Sewing Workshop...

I am thrilled you are here.  Here we will explore a candid step-by-step program from setting up that sewing machine and your private sewing hide-away to create for you. This is meant to be a joyful, extraordinary and fun journey to start sewing and create a capsule wardrobe all of your own. 

The course includes:

-- 8 parts of instruction through video, a textbook of technique.

-- Working through our free planner.

-- Self-measuring worksheets. 

-- 8 FREE garment patterns to create your capsule wardrobe.

-- And weekly FACEBOOK live chats with Tina in our private community.

-- Community posting page Hashtag SEWTG

Tina's Favorite home sewing machine.
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Fav Scissors Click on Image!
Fav thread clippers: Click on Image!
Who can't resist pink! 60" length!
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Pins Pins Pins
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WORKSHOP 3 /0125

------ NOTE 1st round starts July 8th 2021 and goes for 8 weeks with lots of surprises. Live Video feeds will be available in the private WORKSHOP group, SEWTG WORKSHOP GROUP.

 For the first round, we will be celebrating with prizes in our weekly live feeds. Prizes will be given to those selected who actively participate and post within the group! Your enthusiasm and showing up with your makes and questions will be viewed and celebrated with winners.

If you start the class after the 8th of July, and before the class ends on August 26th you still have time to participate in the WORKSHOP GROUP. However if you sign up for the class after this first round, August 26th, you can take the classes at your own pace, they will be available to you on your workshop page once you've signed up!



What you will need to participate in this course.


  Nothing fancy, we are going to use a simple functional and easy-to-use machine. My favorite and the most value for your money is the BROTHER Sewing/Quilting Machine. If you don't have one this is an amazing machine. We have a few in the studio for light work, buttonholes are easy peasy, and it comes with decorative stitches for our creative work.

I attached a link below.

Fabric Scissors

Thread clipper

Measuring Tape

Fabric Pen

Pins (dressmaking are short and sharp, Quilting needles are lone and stronger. I use both.

A cutting surface - table about 45+" long, your dining room table. If you have none of the above the floor works too.

Needles - machine and hand sewing

Thread - Polyester for machine sewing, silk or cotton for hand sewing.

Extra Bobbins

Tape for download patterns