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By Tina Givens

Thrilled to announce the new workshop
FALL LINES featuring 6 amazing sewing patterns!

It has begun! Join the Workshop!

The workshops:
"I love them. Great to watch and I do that several times to learn how to do things. They are very helpful."
Been sewing these fabulous designs for 8 years. My wardrobe is all Tina Givens designs. The workshops are fantastic. Learned all kinds of sewing techniques. How to handle fabrics. Been sewing for 50 years, You can teach an old dog new tricks
I have sewn several of your patterns. They are so comfortable to wear and the linen I have made them from makes it even better. The more they are washed the softer and more comfortable they are. I made 2 dresses and the Marisha Jacket 3 times. I have several more patterns but have not made them yet.
Vicki L
A while back you asked us to give you ideas on additions/changes to your product. I said that I did like Magnolia Pearl details and you followed through. ... I like your classy attention to your garments.
Rosemary S.
I’m very blessed by all your free patterns, I have bought several print patterns too. I loved printing the inspirational work book to help make a wardrobe. I’ve collected a lot of fabric and make dresses for conferences that I attend. I’ve modified patterns to fit my shape and lumps & bumps. I wish you had another platform to share photos, I’m not on social media Many blessings thank you for being so inspirational for us home sewers.
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