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This is true: Creativity is a gift that doesn’t always have an ‘on’ switch... Enjoy just a small inspiration each month from me to you!

Each month, I’ll be curating a variety of images, styles, textures, and colors. For this month, the theme is Luscious Verdant Color & Texture. Enjoy!

Imagery I love to create for your mood boards.


REMEMBER we have a sale this month, celebrating NATIONAL SEWING MONTH. Get 30% off all patterns and SYCHIL Magazine, + join in on SEWTINAGIVENS on Facebook and Instagram... post or comment on our community posts and remember to join the WORKSHOP 03 for more amazing fun in creating your beautiful wardrobe! Win prizes... this week we are giving away a SEWING MACHINE on Tuesday Sept 28th... to end our month with inspiration and love. Join me Tuesday at 4pm ET live on Facebook to see who wins! It could be you so hurry and post before Tuesday!!! Lotsa love from me, tg

PS Use code CELEBRATES21 at chckout on for 30% off.

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so juicy...some of my very favourite colours <3

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