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Thank you for participating in the survey. We are still getting more results but I thought I'd share preliminary results, which in my experience don't change much past 500 people.

So, the main point of conducting this quick survey was to glean where and how you purchase your fabrics, what fabric you love to sew with, and what machines you prefer.

Prefer to sew substrate:

84% Linen

80% Cotton

30% Quilting Cotton

29% Jersey Knit

Love this! We love organic cloth here at SEWTG.

Where do you purchase:

40% Purchase linen online

45% Purchase both online and in-store

48% Purchase cotton both online and in-store

This was a half-and-half situation where most purchase both online and in-store. I do know that linen is usually less expensive online, so that was not surprising.


84% Familiar with Robert Kaufman for linen 60%

Merchant & Mills 55%

Art Gallery Fabrics 33%

Benartex 35%

Nani Iro 30%

Not surprising! I know we advocate for Fabrics-store, and Robert Kaufman is a well-known brand that manufactures a variety of garment fabrics at reasonable prices.

What was surprising was that half of you are familiar with Merchant & Mills.

Preferred Sewing Machines in use:

25% Bernina

20% Singer

17% Janome

The rest was a mish-mash of brands. Bernina is a top-selling brand with beautiful technology. Did you know that it's a Swiss Brand and they sell more garment machines in Europe than they do Quilting machines which is the reverse in the USA?

Most favorite high-end machine to purchase:

Bernina is a favorite, 50% said you'd pick Bernina

However, 30% of you didn't know Bernina sold garment sewing machines or machines at all.

70% of you sew 1-2 garments per month

30% sew 3-10 garments per month.

Why do you Sew:

58% of you chose - Joyful, Mindful, Creative,Hobby


16% 45-55

60% 55-65

30% 70+

I adore each one of you. You create your own clothes, you are joyful and creative, and you choose us for sewing patterns.

Thank You Thank You!


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Tina, just love your designs!! Thank you for inspiring me to start on this beautiful, joyful, creative journey!!!!!

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