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Ignite Your Light

I was in a fabric shop over the weekend and while I was waiting in line for my fabric to be cut, I started chatting with the beautiful ladies around me. Their shopping carts were full of bolts waiting to be cut for their sewing projects. One of them as sewing for her tiny grandchildren and was inspired by the fabric she found. She was thrilled and let me tell you she lit up with the joyful inspiration to sew for these little angels. It clearly fills her soul! I asked if she sewed for herself and she said "No, I wouldn't know where to start." She was cute in her oversized black tea and wide legged linen pants. I told her about what we do and what we offer and she was giddy to search for a solution to her question. "Where would I start?" Another lady spoke up and asked for the website so we had a sweet little cheering session for sewing for self and what it brings us! One woman came into the conversation and sweetly said she sewed with my patterns for years! And they all were remarking on her 'Plinka pants' and 'Elope' tunic!

I can't tell you the joy this brings me.

Then the woman behind the counter who was slugging away with a sore back cutting all this fabric, she sparked up and said "Oh Tina your patterns 'ignite my light' in so many ways."

I almost dropped on the floor in glee! "That is so beautiful, hank you!" I said!

Light up your life and yourself -- by being you, bringing your beauty forward, healing, and nurturing your personal energy. Just by doing what we love to do can strengthen our immune system. Create your own sewing rituals and enjoy the practical, yet fun, steps for building a comfortable and stylish wardrobe on your terms. Each pattern in our library is so close to my heart and packed with inspiration and insight to hopefully embellish your energy in the way you look, feel, and experience life.

Ignite Your Light by finding what else lights you up, to grow the resilience of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and to refresh your routines all day long. When we have something that is our own in crafting, having our personal crafting space, the fabrics we purchase and the time it takes to sew up something special to wear or gift. Music that makes us dance and sing as we work through our craft; Healthy foods that support glowing skin and attention to our self-care rituals, from yoga to skin care routines. Make simple shifts to improve your long-term health and happiness via your mindset, actions, environment, and relationships. Honor yourself in every way. Whether you quilt, knit, crochet, embroider or sew for yourself and your children or grandchildren, choose what makes you happy, because your joy and smile will fill the room, with your light.

I can only bring the best of what I think is fun and easy, with design ideas and inspiration to assist in what and how you sew. Ignite Your Light by simply being you and doing something that brings you joy. Like my ladies said 'Sewing is my time!' And so, by positively influencing your energy, growing the beauty in your daily life, you will shine your light on the world around you!

We are working on a new resource for our pattern library. Of course you can search for any pattern on but this catalog will not only index every pattern but offer insight into what patterns to coordinate to create capsule wardrobes of wearable interchangeable garments. It's coming soon!

Smooches, xoxo

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