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Mood Boards Help define your concept!

It’s never too early to start a specific mood board for your wardrobe! And in this case a capsule collection ... doing this ‘preliminary board’ will assist you in creating a concept statement for your collection. Find imagery whether in print or online (Pinterest or Instagram and Your favorite blogs and designer websites) . This program is not just for a Tina Givens lagenlook, but anything you are currently gravitating to. Psst we are building a new section of patterns for A youthful slimmer look based on our recent research study, so stay tuned...

in in the meantime behin to pin and when it’s time to reflect on what your look is. Review what you see in the big picture, and through those pins you will know what to check off in the concept lists!

Note: over the process of BYW this mood board will evolve as you pin down specifics. You will constantly revisit the board to add or remove certain aspects as you travel through the prigram.

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