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FREE WARDROBE Planner is now available!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

We've created a lovely Wardrobe Planner which we will review with you on Friday May 3rd 9:30am EST on FACEBOOK/SEWTINAGIVENS. We hope you will join us!

Step by step we begin to create a concept & set criteria!

Let's review what kind of style we resonate with. We listed some creative descriptive styles including edgy and romantic. Think about who you are and check off all that apply. This guides us to create a concept statement for our wardrobe!

Reviewing Lifestyle and Current Events

Use this planner for a special trip or one area of your life, whether it be day time looks, evening wear or work attire. This may seem trivial but it connects us with where we wish to focus our capsule wardrobe.

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